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Cufflinks For Men

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Cufflinks Care Instructions

Do you love to dress smartly every time you step out of the house, whether you are on your way to work or to a weekend party? If you are the kind of man who loves to dress in blazers, jackets and suits most of the time, you would almost certainly own a collection of cufflinks to match not only the occasion but also your mood and the style statement you intend to make.

However, if you wear your cuff links studs everywhere, there is sure to be some amount of wear and tear on the cufflinks in addition to them getting covered with grime and dirt. Natural oils from your body, the skin lotions that you slather on and even pollutants from the environment; all come in contact with your cufflinks. Over a period of time, they form a thin film on the cufflinks and make the stone and the metal lose their luster. This buildup is what you need to remove if you want to restore your cufflinks to their former lustrous self.

While you could buy a commercial jewelry-cleaner, this is not absolutely necessary. Just a mild soap and water solution should suffice for keeping your pieces of men's jewelry clean.

To extend the life of your cufflinks, it is recommended to clean the polished parts with a gentle ammonia based product. For the gold plated and matt silver, a regular gentle rub with a soft cloth is all that is usually required. Harsh abrasives, household chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning devices can cause damage. Amber benefits from contact with the natural oils of the skin. If your amber cufflinks becomes dull dull, then a gentle rub with a soft woollen or velvet cloth usually brings back the sheen.